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Jun 28, 2016

Victor Yocco is a Philadelphia-based researcher and author on psychology and communication. For this podcast episode we're talking with Victor about the application of principles of psychology to online education design.

His latest book Design for the mind looks at how to create online learning that appeals to our innate natural responses as human being.

He has written for Smashing Magazine and A List Apart, find out more on his website or connect with Victor on Twitter: @VictorYocco

The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject:

  • 00:39 - What does elearning look like if it is designed without psychology in mind?
  • 04:36 - How can we use psychological principles to better engage our audiences?
  • 07:03 - How can we design elearning to promote behavioural change in an organisation?
  • 10:42 - What are your tips, in terms of psychology, for getting elearning to stick?
  • 13:08 - Can you tell us about the use of social networks to influence people and how that might apply to elearning?
  • 18:06 - How much knowledge do learning designers need to be successful in using psychology in their work?
  • 21:30 - What does elearning look like if it is designed with psychology?
Jun 16, 2016

We talk to Mike Booth and Teresa Rose, two L&D industry professionals about how to best serve your learners by focusing on their needs.

Mike Booth is Learning Technologies Manager at Vodaphone, we get his ideas on responding to the requirements of learners.

Teresa Rose is Digital Learning Strategist at energy company E.On who explains how to deal with different types of learners and what we can learn from research into the industry by people like Towards Maturity.

We spoke to Mike and Teresa at the CIPD show earlier this year, you can watch their whole interviews and more on our YouTube channel.

You can follow Teresa Rose on Twitter at @teresarose01 and find out more about Mike Booth's work on his CIPD profile.

The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject:

  • 00:42 - Mike Booth - Do we listen to learners enough?
  • 01:18 - Mike Booth - What do you do to make sure you're approaching this learning challenge the right way?
  • 01:51 - Mike Booth - Is it time to be thinking mobile first?
  • 02:59 - Teresa Rose - Is there such a thing as a typical modern learner?
  • 03:30 - Teresa Rose - What does L&D need to do to get to the heart of what modern learners need?
  • 04:46 - Teresa Rose - How important will personalised learning be in the future?