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Oct 18, 2016

Phil Reddall is vice chair of the Elearning Network and learning innovation manager for a global specialist chemical company, he offers his experience and advice for other L&D professionals in our latest podcast.

Then focus of this episode is curation of learning content, how it works, whether it’s continuing, it’s advantages and some practical tips on how to implement it into your strategy.

Find out more about Phil’s role in the Elearing Network on their meet the dircector page.

Hear more from Phil in his video session for the Big Sponge Hangout.

The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject:

  • 00:35 – Back in 2014 you wrote about a shift in L&D from creating learning to include curation of learning, have you seen that trend continue?
  • 01:42 – Have you seen any new technologies or techniques emerge that have helped L&D in their curation of learning?
  • 04:35 – What barriers have you seen to organisations making curated content available?
  • 08:47 – Is there a process you go through to decide which pieces of content are presented to learners?
  • 13:29 – Can you share an example of effective use of learning content curation that you’ve seen?
  • 18:30 – Is there a risk that L&D move too far towards curated material and forget about creating learning content?
  • 21:08 – What’s the first step towards making curated content available to your learners?
Oct 6, 2016

Geoff Stead is Director of Digital at Cambridge University and brings years of experience in bringing learning to mobile devices.

We talk through some of the reasons why mobile is so important to learning and development, the technology behind it and some of the potential future areas that are going to allow more effective learning.

Find out more about some of the projects Geoff mentions in the podcast at

Follow Geoff on Twitter: @geoffstead

This interview was originally recorded as part of the Big Sponge Hangout in July 2016.

The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject:

  • 00:26 - Why do you like working in the mobile space and why do you think it's become so popular?
  • 01:45 - What are the main things people need to consider when developing elearning for mobile devices?
  • 03:28 - Are there any areas where mobile learning is particularly appropriate?
  • 05:39 - Do you have any tips for working out the best approach for them?
  • 09:08 - Are there any implications for tracking learner data across mobile courses?
  • 14:04 - Do you have any practical tips on introducing deep analytics of mobile training?
  • 16:35 - Can you share some examples of successful mobile approaches that achieved surprising results?
  • 22:21 - Do you think wearable tech has the potential to enhance learning in the near future?
  • 24:52 - What would you say to someone who isn't already convinced to use mobile in their learning strategy?
  • 27:25 - What excites you the most about the future of mobile technology in learning