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Mar 22, 2016

Our guest for episode 3 is highly respected instructional designer and author Julie Dirksen, you'll be hearing her views on helping learners to form good habits, how to avoid some common design mistakes and what we can all learn from video game designers.

The second edition of Julie Dirksen's book Design for how people learn is regarded as one of the best starting points for anyone new to instructional design.

Here are the questions asked during the interview with their times for quick reference:

  • 00.39 What's changed since you wrote the first edition of the book?
  • 05.29 What's the most common mistake that people make when they're designing learning experiences?
  • 08.57 What are the neuroscience basics that learning professionals need to know?
  • 13.07 What are the skills or knowledge that games can teach us really well?
  • 19.24 Is there an example of video in elearning that has definitely got it right?
  • 22.50 What are the challenges facing women working in the learning technologies industry?
  • 29.00 What are you most excited about when you think of the future of elearning?

Links to the authors and theories discussed in the interview:

Mar 8, 2016

Dave Buglass, Head of Capability and Development at Tesco Bank is the guest for this episode of the Sponge UK podcast, recorded at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference.

Dave was Learning and Develpment Professional of the year and Chief Learning Officer of the year in 2014, he's got more than 20 years experience in L&D and shares his thoughts on what's changed over that time and what needs to change in order for the L&D function to become more effective in the future.

Read excerpts of this interview in out accompanying blog post.

00:40 - What's changed in L&D over the 20 years you've been doing this?
01:33 - What do you think is holding L&D back from the point where the learner is the centre of everything?
02:53 - On a practical level how do you do that?
03:52 - What part should the L&D vendors be playing?
05:02 - You did the foreward for the most recent Towards Maturity report "Embracing Change" Is 2016 going to be the year of change?

Feb 16, 2016

Elliott Masie is one of the best known learning experts in the world, he's an author, conference host, learning researcher and even a broadway producer.
Figurehead and founder of the influential Masie center, he held his first learning conference 25 years ago so we started by asking if it's easier or harder for learning professionals now than back then.
The interview covers excitement at future technologies, serious games, personalised learning, mobile learning and what L&D can learn from Broadway.

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